We offer a wide selection of delicious croissants. All organic four, real butter, all natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or colours.


Over 20 varieties of freshly baked cookies. All non-dairy, no sugar and all natural organic ingredients.


All vegan ingredients. Cakes for all occasions. Custom orders available for wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.


Fresh and natural fillings with a rich, flaky all natural pastry.


Variety of fruit pies, squares, and all kinds of yummy desserts made with the best of natural ingredients.


Varieties of non-dairy, egg-free muffins including wheat germ, spelt flour, unpasteurized honey, and maple syrup.

Pies & Tarts

Enjoy the best butter pecan butter tarts and pies with a refreshing cup of herbal tea.


Choose from 30 dishes; meatless dumplings, tofu satay, garlic sweet bean dishes, broccoli sosoya, ginger arame spring rolls, baked beans, sweet and sour vegetables and more.


Fresh squeezed juices made to order with the best quality fruits and vegetables.

Frozen Yogurt

Choose from 10 fresh fruit varieties of low fat, refreshing frozen yogurt. All natural with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.